The Mystery of the Missing Thing in the Haunted Castle is an episode from Fetch! With Ruff Ruffman.

The Mystery of the Missing Thing in the Haunted Castle
Season 1, Episode 9
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Ruff sends all six fetchers to a spooky Hammond Castle to retrieve a lost invention from his great great great great great great great grandfather.

Trivia Edit

Anna and Julia won with 105 points each; the other FETCHers got 100. Julia kept her share of the prize, but Anna gave her share to Brian.

The prize was a remote-controlled dog.

Ruff sends the FETCHers to Hammond Castle, where his great(x6) grandfather Ruffael Ruffmanowitz resided. Ruffael was an inventor.

Anna, Brian & Khalil were the Snake Team. They figured out how different inventions worked, naming inventions, and making inventions of their own.

Noah, Julia & Taylor were the Rat Team. They explored the castle dungeon, found skeletons, built a periscope, and cracked a code.

The FETCHers found a record of Ruffael. The recording told Ruff to tickle a cat under its chin, say "What a pretty puss-puss," and then kiss it on the lips. The plan worked after a couple of tries, resulting in an invention called the Fetch 100.

This is the first appearance of Ruffael Ruffmanowitz.

Hammond Castle is run by Mr. Pettibone, and it's haunted by ghost cats.