The Grand Prizeless Grand Finale is the Season 2 finale of FETCH! with Ruff Ruffman.

The Grand Prizeless Grand Finale
Season 2, Episode 20
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All six kids compete in a final competition to determine the FETCH! Grand Champion. Rounds include physical and mental changes.


  • Bridget and Rosario, on the drumstick team, and Willie and Mike, on the t-bone team, had to test their catching-machines with eggs and watermelon before they could catch the grand prize.
  • The final challenges were to complete an obstacle course, finish a big picture of Ruff, build a contraption to catch the Grand Prize, answer the questions, and find out what items float.
  • We find out Blossom didn't steal the Grand Prize. It was Scruff (Ruff's twin brother.)
  • Mike is the Grand Champion. He wins a solid gold-plated statue of Ruff.
  • In order of elimination, it was Nina, Madi, Rosario and Bridget, then finally Willie.

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