The Debut of Smell-O-Vision is the Season 3 premiere.

The Debut of Smell-O-Vision
Season 3, Episode 1
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Ruff broadcasts the FETCH season 3 premiere in Smellovision, quickly realizing his mistake after he's sprayed by a skunk! Luckily, Blossom, Ruff's cat assitant, returns... and just in time. She sends DJ and Harsha to find out how to neutralize skunk spray using chemistry. Meanwhile Ruff sends Jay and Sam to learn to "brake the waves" and become junior lifeguards.


  • Measure in Me’s
  • Life is a Highway
  • Look for Attributes


  • Blossom comes back in this episode, after leaving in the previous episode.
  • The new Fetchers are Sam, Jay, DJ, Sammy, Harsha, and Noel.
  • The Jane Goodall Institute provided nature footage for the episode.
  • The beach portions of this episode were produced at The Cape Cod National Seashore.
  • Daily Scores: Harsha:90, DJ:80, Jay:70, Sam:70, Sammy:25, Noel:25
  • Harsha was the daily winner with 90 Points.

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