This is the fourth season of FETCH! Thanks to Studio B Productions, Hasbro Studios, WGBH, and Playhouse Disney Original.

FETCH! Cast Edit

  1. Isaac Bean
  2. Talia Patapoutian
  3. Liza Giangrande
  4. Sterling Singletary
  5. Brian Conry
  6. Bethany Owens

Gallery Edit

Episodes Edit

  1. Season Four Is Cancelled
  2. Don't Like Fencing? Try Fencing!
  3. The RuffMeal Needs More Roughage
  4. Ruff Pigs Out and Has a Whale of a Time
  5. Ruff's Just Fueling Around
  6. Finding Eight-Legged Tights Isn't Easy
  7. Ruff Rocks the (Environmental Sustainable) House!
  8. Doggie Duties
  9. How Not to Impress the Press
  10. How to Break the Ice and Also Waddle On It
  11. Blossom Bawls While Ruff Has a Ball With Balls
  12. Ruff Bounces Back
  13. Is It a Bird? Is It a Plane? It's ... Ruffmanman!
  14. Shrimp a la Cart
  15. Ruff Needs His Herring Checked
  16. LePurr Strikes
  17. Ruff's Yard Sale Makes A Racket
  18. Gearing Up for Getting Ruff's Goat
  19. How to Really Train Your Dog
  20. Fetch Finale IV: The Prophecy Fulfilled