Scruff is a fugitive who managed to escape Poodle Island. He lived in in his brother's basement momentarily. Scruff appears to look almost exactly like Ruff except for his scraggily beard.


Scruff and Ruff were rivals when they were kids, but they still loved and respected each other. It was stated that Scruff became a criminal thanks to his girlfriend.

Episode AppearancesEdit

Scruff first appears in the season 2 episode, Scruff Ruffman At Large. He than makes several appearances in season 3.


It was stated in Season 2 that Scruff escaped by using trapezes. It has not been confirmed if Scruff has been caught yet. In the all-animated first episode of Season 4, it is found out by Ruff that Scruff escaped Poodle Island by secretly digging a tunnel to the outside, and escaped from it. Also in Season 3, in the episode, "The People vs. Grandma Ruffman", it was found out at the end of the episode by Ruff that she could have been plotting to help Scruff escape jail in "The Grand Prizeless Grand Finale Blossom Disguised As Him And Met With Lester Googe And Saved The Grand Prize".

Rivalry with RuffEdit

When Scruff and Ruff were little puppies, they used to work together and were good friends. But slowly, over time, Scruff and Ruff started to fight, argue, and compete. And thus began Scruff's and Ruff's big sibling rivalry. They then started competing at everything, even at their part-time jobs. As seen in the season 3 finale: "FETCH! With Scruff Ruffman". In Ruff's and Scruff's part-time job as Chinese waiters, they competed at seeing who could get the orders most correct and get it to the customer fastest. But they both had to be fired since they couldn't get along and kept fighting all the time. Scruff also created a lot of businesses along with Ruff, such as the one in the season 3 finale, "Ruff's and Scruff's Tennis Ball Retreival Services". Although they were their own bosses, they kept bumping each other's boats and collected balls for themselves. So they had to shut down the business. Scruff's and Ruff's rivalry is still going on till today, in FETCH! Season 5.