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Ruff's Case of Blues in the Brain is the second episode of Season 2 of Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman.

Ruff's Case of Blues in the Brain
Season 2, Episode 2
202 - Ruff's Case of Blues in the Brain.gif
Air date May 29, 2007
Written by Jim Conroy
Directed by Paul Serafini
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Willie and Madi must use non-verbal forms of communication to complete their challenge-making art and music with the Blue Man Group, while Bridget and Mike must determine whether the old myth is true that humans use only 10% of their brains. First, they meet up with a neurologist to learn about the brain. Then they visit a neuroscientist at an MRI lab to devise an experiment that will help them figure out whether people really use more than 10% of their brains.


  • Madi
  • Willie
  • Mike
  • Bridget

Points or Triumph Tally[]

  • Bridget and Mike: 80
  • Willie and Madi: 80

Daily Scores[]

  • Madi: 85
  • Bridget: 80 (3-way tie)
  • Mike: 80 (3-way tie)
  • Willie: 80 (3-way tie)
  • Nina: 40 (tie)
  • Rosario: 40 (tie)

Total Scores[]

  • 1st: Madi: 170
  • 2nd: Willie: 155
  • 3rd: Mike: 145
  • 4th: Nina: 130
  • 5th: Bridget: 115
  • 6th: Rosario: 75


  • It is shown that Ruff does not sing the blues very well. When sing the blues, Blossom said that his blues were "bad", though he thought that she said that it was "sad". So that's why he's too happy to play the blues.
  • This episode reveals that Ruff's life would be perfect if the sink stops drip.
  • Madi and Willie gets a PVC pipe or canvas in the mailbox and go fetch.
  • Mike and Bridget gets a challenge envelope in the mailbox and go fetch.
  • This is the first episode where Nina and Rosario stay in Studio G whereas Bridget, Mike, Madi, and Willie go on their challenges.
  • There was a Half-Time Quiz Show question where the answer was "the occipital lobe". Rosario and Nina had said "occipenter". Ruff told them they did octagon, octagonal, and oxymoron but they did not get occipital.
  • Nina and Rosario are the next two FETCHers to win 40 points from the Half-Time Quiz Show.
  • Nina and Rosario got eight out of ten questions correct where they scored 40 points during the Half-Time Quiz Show. As such, this episode along with Tape Loops and Loop-the-Loops, How to Get Dogs and Doggerel in Better Shape, Scruff Ruffman At Large!, and Take Me Out to the Fashion Show are the only Season 2 episodes where FETCHers score 40 points in the Half-Time Quiz Show.
  • Madi and Willie met the Blue Man Group made with plastic plumbing pipes.
  • Mike and Bridget met Dr. Janice Wiesman is a neurologist.
  • Dr. Janice Wiesman passed away on August 4, 2020 had a long battle with COVID-19.
  • Mike and Bridget met Dr. Kim was in Magnetic Resonance Imaging Center, there is Stephanie and there is Jamie.
  • Ruff performs a Blue Man act where he eats things and spits them on a board with the intention of creating a masterpiece. However, he falls down and is covered in green paint and stays like this for the rest of the episode
  • Ruff references the band REO Speedwagon and says that he happens to enjoy their ballads.
  • Madi got 5 bonus points for being the first contestant to play "Ode to Joy" on plumbing pipes.
  • Madi scored 85 points, making her today’s daily winner. Mike, Willie, and Bridget had 80 points each. Rosario and Nina earned 40 points each from Half-Time Quiz Show.
  • Madi is the daily winner with 85 points. Her prize was an old plumbing pipe from Ruff's doghouse. Her other prize was an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scanner.