'Le Purr is Blossom's Evil identical twin sister. Her real name is Duchess Petunia Cupcake Von Yum Yum. She loves disco and flowers and she disguises herself and will give each victim annoying disco music instead of flowers. According to Blossom she is a master of disguise (Blossom showed a book that showed 'Le Purr wearing different disguises ).


Detective,Queen,Pirate,Egyptian,CowGirl,Constructor,Baby, and a Old Woman. She appeared in Laser/Candid Camera where she disguised herself as an old woman and stole ruff's flowers for charlene and gaver her annoying disco music. Blossom managed to find her hideout: the ZONE. She used a camera and lasers to guard the flowers. Sterling and talia managed to disable her camera and got the flowers back.


  • She is just like Scruff Ruffman having Blossom as her identical twin sister as Ruff is Scruff's brother.