Grandma Ruffman's Recipe for Sucess is the 14th episode of the first season.

Grandma Ruffman's Recipe for Success
Season 1, Episode 14
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Ruff sends Taylor, Brian, and Noah out to grow food and to make some of Grandma Ruffman's recipes while Grandma Ruffman has Khalil learn how to tell jokes from a professional comedian and perform them live.


  • Ruff‘s Grand Prize is riding a roller coaster with blazing speed called “Blaze Racing”. It was like test track and the dash and dodge mega coaster kit.
  • Daily Scores: Khalil:90, Taylor:85, Brian:80, Noah:80, Anna:45, Julia:45.
  • This is the second time Taylor picked up a cow manure.
  • Khalil is the daily winner. he won a limited edition of Grandma Ruffman's Joke Book.
  • Triumph Tally Score: Anna:1096, Khalil:1085, Noah:1055, Brian:1050, Julia:981, Taylor:960.
  • This is the first appearance of Grandma Ruffman.
  • The taxi that the FETCHers used to get to Drumlin Farm was a taxi from Sunshine Taxis. 3 Felton Street, Hudson, MA 01749.
  • Khalil and Eric went to Target for shopping.
  • Brian dosen't really pick up any manure.
  • Daily scores Khalil: 90, Taylor: 85, Noah: 80, Brian: 80, Anna: 45, Julia:45.
  • Triumph Tally Scores: Anna: 1096, Khalil: 1085, Noah: 1055, Brian: 1050, Julia: 981, Taylor: 960.
  • Khalil won a limited edition copy of Grandma Ruffman's Joke Book.
  • Winner of the challenge: Khalil.

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