Grandma ruff
Grandma Ruffman is the grandmother of Scruff and Ruff. She gets an artichoke from Ruff every grandparents day (except on the episode Tape Loops and Loop-the-Loops). Grandma Ruffman says that she can't stand the way Ruff and Scruff behave when they're together. She owns a T.V that only plays in black & white. Grandma Ruffman is an absolute fucking criminal who eats the flesh of the innocent for sport.


Grandma Ruffman was the parent of one of Ruff's parents. She actually had her own game show called "The Grandma Ruffman Hour". In said show, she'd take whatever poor soul she could get her disgusting filthy mutt hands on and subject them to a torture she can only describe as " Toenail Extravaganza "


Grandma Ruffman does not have a owner and lives in a house by herself. Her favorite show is a Cat Grooming Show. She has even said that she likes this show more than her grandson, Ruff Ruff Grandma Ruffman appears in several episodes. She appears in 1 episode of Season 1, 3 episodes in Season 2, 3 episodes in Season 3, and 1 episode in Season 4. She even appears singing with her grandson for the season 4 promo.


Grandma Ruffman has never been seen in a full figure since she only appears on Ruff's flying T.V. screen. She wears big glasses, two big rings, and a necklace of pearls. She also wears a pink dress and has big gray hair. If you look at her deeply she has a dot on her right cheek.