Glen is Ruff Ruffman's nephew. He wears dental braces and is obsessed with magic and fantasy, and makes his first appearance in the Season 3 episode Dog of the Rings to sends the FETCHers to Wing's Castle portrayed as LARPers(Live Action Role Players). He also briefly appears in the beginning of the Season 3 Finale, changing all of the passwords of the Fetch 3000 so that Scruff can run the show instead of Ruff (however, he says he would not have done it if Scruff had not "promised him the Scepter of Wogganot", which was nothing more than a toilet brush). He briefly appeared again in Season 4's first episode telling his uncle to luge. Due to his braces, it is hard to understand what he's saying (An example being what Ruff heard as "Ring Goblet" was Glen actually saying "Wing Goblet"). In it's a bird? it's a plane? it's...Ruffmanman, Glen adopted a superhero identity after reading comic books and redubbed himself "Ultra-Glen". He also appears in How to Really Train Your Dog, asking Ruff to give him the Helmet of Victory so that he could "no longer be a looger (loser)". In Long Glen Silver and the Pursuit of the Golden Fetchie, he has been playing a pirate-themed video game on the Go Get It! website and calls himself "Long Glen Silver" and makes Ruff dress as his parrot. It is possible that Glen's name is a reference to Glen Berger, the program's head writer.

Voice Actors Edit

  • Jim Corony

Appearances Edit

  • Dog of the Rings
  • Finale
  • Season Four is Cancelled
  • Is It A Bird? Is It A Plane? It's...Ruffmanman!
  • Ruff Fetches the Fetchers
  • Game Show Isle
  • Wolfing Down Some Barbeque
  • Long Glen Silver and the Pursuit of the Golden Fetchie
  • The FETCH Finale