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Fleape Itcherson
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Fleape Itcherson is a flea who talked in Ruff's ear with a sultry Latin voice in "Ruff Needs His Herring Checked," giving him advice on wooing Charlene. At first, Ruff thought that maybe he was the only one who could hear the voice because of his sensitive dog hearing, but when he could still hear the voice after using a noise-cancellation box, he began to think he was losing his mind. The voice actually turned out to be Fleape, who had taken up residence in Ruff's ear. In "Wolfing Down Some Barbeque", Fleape advises Ruff to make better BBQ. He appears on "Chet's Freeze Dance Party," a game on the website telling him about the titular event. Ruff shows him a clip from the episode The Legend of Ruffman's Gold. He also might have appeared in the Season 2 episode CSI Ruff. He also can speak Spanish. He later makes an appearance in the Ruff Ruffman, Humble Media Genius video "Ask Ruff: Monkey Boy Edition." His name is a pun on the Spanish name Felipe.

Quotes (Ruff Needs His Herring Checked) Edit

  • "The way to her heart is to make the gift, not buy it." (first line overall and in the episode)
  • "You, Ruff, are like a big orange Brussel sprout to her, something she does not like, and yet you can be sweet company with a nutritious lunch, but how to bring the Brussel sprout and cookie into harmony, for she is a delicate flower that will wilt if the vegetable clashes with the sugary treat."
  • (after the Half-Time Quiz Show) "Wow! That was exciting! What do they (Bethany and Talia) win, a car?"
  • "Ruff, once you send Charlene the cookies, sing her a cookie love song."
  • "Hello, my name is Fleape. If you don't mind, I'd like to go back here. Ba-bing!" (first onscreen appearance)

Quotes (Wolfing Down Some Barbecue) Edit

  • "You can, Ruffio! With your new, improved BBQ sauce, they (the wolves) will love your donuts and broccoli."
  • "Ruff, you keep working the sauce. It is most important. I will do the quiz show."
  • "Ruff, your jokes are like your BBQ sauce - they disgust me."
  • "Hola, I am Felipe! The troubles of Ruff are too many to count. His sauce, de la BBQ, tastes like an old boot, and its smell is killing all the houseplants."
  • (in a note to Ruff): "Goodbye Ruff, I've always wanted to see Yellowstone, so I'm hitching a ride with your relatives.

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