Fleape with his flea children waving at you.




Fleape Itcherson

They are kid fleas of Fleape Itcherson who live in Ruff's body. Their first appearance was on Ruff Needs His Herrings Checked In. The ending where the camera zooms out of Fleape Itcherson. It shows them all around the Ruff's fur background. Ruff is always itching with black dots on him when scratching his all over his body in season 1, season 2, season 3, season 4 and season 5.


  • When Ruff Always Itchs On All The Season It Might Be The Kid Fleas Of Fleape.
  • Since There Dad Is Fleape Itcherson its unknown whats there mom.
  • The Name Of The Flealing are unofficial fan name of the children of fleape and the fleas of ruff.
  • The name flealings are based on the word siblings and flea.