Charlene Poodle




Ruff Ruffman



Charlene Poodle is Ruff's unrequited love interest. She is a poodle who is only seen in a heart-shapped picture that Ruff periodically pulls out, as well as a newspaper in Season 4's first episode. She has a mother named Knell with a slient "k" which Ruff mistook for Nell. In "Ruff Gets His Herring Checked," she loved the cookies, but they had fleas in them. She left a note for Ruff saying:  "If you don't meet today, I'm calling the Board of Health. Your cookies were covered in fleas and you probably are too!"


from How Not to Impress a Poodle's Mother: Season Three

Ruff comments that poodles love two things:

-Their mothers

-Their own names

He concludes that to get Charlene to love him, will give her mother Knell a haircut and make a huge sand "N" (see above).

Knell looks like Charlene, but has purple fur, pink lipstick, eyeliner and eyelashes, and a beauty mark near the corner of her mouth. Ruff keeps her photo in a silver oval frame.