Fetchers Edit

  1. DJ (Using the Djay 2 app.)
  2. Harsha (Talented singer like Noel)
  3. Jay (Playing Music with Minecraft Note blocks)
  4. Noel (Seems to be a talented singer)
  5. Sam (Seems to be a famous Minecraft player.)
  6. Sammy (Taking it one step at a time and two steps at a time.)

Episodes Edit

  1. The Debut of Smell-O-Vision
  2. When Home is a House of Cards
  3. Just Call Him "Spot"
  4. Mr. Ruffman Goes to Washington
  5. Mission Improbable
  6. How Not to Impress a Poodle's Mother
  7. There's Food Safety and Then There's Food Safety
  8. Do-Se-Dos and Do-Se-Don'ts
  9. The DogVinci Code
  10. What's Bugging Ruff?
  11. Will They Like the Show? It's a Shoe-In!
  12. Socket to Me
  13. Dog of the Rings
  14. Arrgh-All Me Eggs Are Cracked
  15. Feeling Sheepish, Ruff?
  16. I'll Ruff and I'll Ruff and I'll Blow Your House Down

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