CSI Ruff is the 19th episode of the second season.

CSI Ruff
Season 2, Episode 19
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Ruff sends all six kids to suspects when the FETCH! Grand Prize is stolen from the grounds of Dogwart's, Ruff's old obedience school.


  • Since no one could be ruled out at first, the Fetchers were suspects when they first told Detective Rock about the Grand Prize being stolen.
  • The Fetchers learned to dust for fingerprints, test advice for DNA, and do other things to figure out who stole the Grand Prize.
  • Ruff graduated from Dogwarts, the best dog obedience school.
  • This is the third time Bridget ended with 100 points. She won a fingerprinting kit. She won because she was the FETCHer who showed some fancy footwork when it comes to footprints.
  • Triumph Tally Scores: Madi: 1190; Nina: 1195; Willie: 1210; Bridget: 1215; Rosario: 1225; Mike: 1230.
  • Daily Scores: Bridget: 100, Rest of the FETCHERS: 95
  • We find out that Lester Googe stole the Grand Prize for Princess Pepperdoodle Blossom Von Yum Yum.
  • Fleape Itcherson might have appeared in this episode when Ruff took out a sample of his fur and put it under a microscope

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  • Dogwarts Shool is a parody of Hogwarts School, which is a school in the Harry Potter books.

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  • This is similar to any of the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation shows, like CSI Miami and CSI New York.

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